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Design and approve safety plans

Different designs for safety systems depend on the type of building or property and its activity, whether commercial, industrial, or residential, as well as coordination with the competent authorities to approve these designs and take into account all architectural and construction considerations in the property.


Fire early warning systems

Supply, installation, and programming of various fire alarm systems according to the type of building or property and its activity, including smoke and heat detection and alarm systems and various gas detection systems such as methane, polypropylene, carbon monoxide, and others, with various models and industries in accordance with customers and to achieve their satisfaction. like

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Fire fighting systems

We supply and install various fire suppression systems of different types, depending on the type of building or property and in accordance with its specific activities, based on its hazard classification – ordinary, moderate, high

: Examples of some systems include

Automatic Sprinkler System and Water Hoses
Automatic Foam Sprinkler System and Foam Hoses
Gas-based Fire Suppression Systems such as FM200 and Carbon Dioxide
Fire Extinguishing System using fire extinguishers such as powder, CO2, and foam.
Kitchen Fire Suppression System


Pressure equalization systems

Supply and installation of various pressure equalization and ventilation systems according to:

Type of building or property and according to its activity, for all the capacities of the extraction fans and fresh air in order to achieve a balance
Pressure for fire sectors and various escape routes, including all the equipment that is installed with these systems, such as choking systems
Smoke, pressure sensors, etc


Safety and health tasks

Supply and installation of various safety equipment
Occupational health according to the type of building or property and its activity

Such as
dividing walls between fire sectors
Fire-resistant structural elements, fire-resistant emergency doors, and insulation doors for stairs escape paths and paths.



In view of the importance of safety systems, including fire alarms and firefighting, and the necessity of taking into account their application and ensuring that they operate with quality and efficiency, Real International for Safety has taken it upon itself to perform annual periodic maintenance for these systems and follow up on them to ensure that they operate with quality and efficiency in the event of a fire, God forbid, as well as binding a maintenance contract in the safety portal.

Maintenance of all types of fire pumps (FM/UL).
Maintaining and programming all types of control panels for the fire early warning system such as (Zeta-Gent-Simplex-Esser-GST-Notifier-Global-Autocool-MaxLogic-Cooper-Siemens-Zeta Gent*Simplex-Esser-GST-Notifier-Global- (Auto call-Maxlogic-Siemens-Cooper


Event Safety

Real International for Safety has a special department for event safety management, including designing plans, emergency exits, evacuation plans, and installing safety devices. It is also distinguished by preparing event sites with electromechanical works.


Providing consultations

Providing consultations on the design of fire extinguishing systems suitable for different locations, taking into account local and international laws and regulations.

A comprehensive assessment of the risks and needs of your project or workplace, which helps identify appropriate and effective solutions

Consultations on choosing the most appropriate equipment and techniques for the fire extinguishing system, taking into account efficiency and cost.

Issuing a safety equipment certificate/technical report/Baladi

Real International for Safety issues a certificate for installing safety equipment and an immediate technical safety report
There are two certificates for the facility that have met safety standards and are submitted through the Baladi portal or the Salama portal and are verified
Electronically for the purpose of issuing the final license.

Kitchen extinguishing systems (kitchen hood)

Real International Safety Equipment Company issues safety systems for kitchens (kitchen hoods)

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